2011 Komori GL 540 Plus Coater

Machine Overview

Manufacturer: Komori

Machine: GL 540 plus coater

Year: 2011

Availability: 3-6 Months

Colors: N/A

Impressions: 195 million

Coater: Yes

Sheet Size: N/A

  • PQC-S
  • PDC-SX
  • K-station software (JDF compatible)
  • Extended delivery
  • Fully automatic plate change
  • Komorimatic with Technotrans Beta f-filter
  • Interface to PQC for Technotrans
  • De Clutching for ink and dampening unit on units 1 and 5
  • All washing devices
  • KHS-AI Komori Hyper system for one shot color matching
  • IR dryer
  • Prepared for H-UV

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