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APT is the only US-based accredited appraiser for printing equipment, and we’re ready to give you the most accurate evaluation of your machines’ value.

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USPAP-Compliant Printing Equipment Appraisals

At some point, every printing company needs it. Whether you’re looking to sell a machine, insure your facility, negotiate a valuation for a bank loan, or evaluate your business for sale, you’ll need to get your machines appraised. Before, it was easy. You could call up an appraiser, give them your asset list, and get a desktop appraisal that didn’t need an on-location inspection of your machines. You submitted your list, took some photographs, and were on your way to a valuation of your assets. But times are changing for printing companies. Desktop appraisals are now no longer valid, and banks won’t accept them. It’s time to do it right.

Get Your Printing Equipment Appraised the Right Way

APT’s printing equipment appraisal services are the right way to get the best evaluation of your machines’ value. Accredited and certified as Professional Appraisers by the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, the Machinery Dealers National Association, and compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, APT’s appraisal team provides the most accurate assessment for your printing business.

USPAP-Certified Printing Equipment Appraisals

The AMEA accredits certified equipment appraisers. This professional designation provides continuing education opportunities for their appraisers, who stay on top of the changes in the industry to provide more accurate valuations of machinery.

USPAP-Certified Printing Equipment Appraisals

The MDNA brings opportunity, education, and integrity to buyers and sellers of used machinery and equipment throughout the world. The MDNA focuses on lawful, ethical practices to improve the objectives of the capital equipment industry.

USPAP-Certified Printing Equipment Appraisals

The USPAP is a set of ethical standards for professional appraisers from the Appraisal Foundation. This multi-tier certification ensures that appraisers preserve public trust and keeps their clients’ best interests in mind.

USPAP-Certified Printing Equipment Appraisals

Not only are we simply accredited, APT is the only US-based appraiser at the Certified Equipment Appraiser level that focuses on the printing equipment category. We work directly with buyers and financial institutions, as well as partner with other appraising entities so that they may leverage out expertise in this specific industry.

APT merges our 25 years of printing industry knowledge with top-level experience appraising complicated machinery. When you’re looking to better understand the value of your company’s printing machinery in the US, APT is your best choice for getting an accurate appraisal.

Why Does Accreditation Matter?

Accredited and certified appraisers provide your company with the peace of mind that your equipment valuations are accurate, unbiased, and ready to be used by banks, vendors, and insurance agents. You never have to worry about whether your appraisal will be considered invalid because the ethical and professional requirements have been met. But it’s not just about the folks who look at your equipment appraisal. Accredited appraisers like APT save you time, energy and money by giving you the highest-quality valuation of your machinery.


Certified Equipment Appraiser Frederick T. Moss

Fred Moss’s unique and deep knowledge of printing stems from having been exposed to all facets of the industry, including running his own printing operation in the Boston area for more than 25 years. As a Certified Equipment Appraiser, Fred uses his complete and total understanding for the manufacturing processes of printing to effectively evaluate the machinery that APT’s clients own.

Your Printing Equipment Evaluation

Once you’ve scheduled your appraisal, the team at APT will use our decades of experience in both the printing industry and the printing machinery resale industry to help guide you through the appraisal process. Fred and his team will help you prepare for your site visit, giving you all the tools to make sure you get the most accurate appraisal for your machines.

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Whether you’re looking to expand your business by acquiring a loan for new machinery, reselling your used machines for new production capabilities, or thinking of selling your business, APT is the right choice for your printing machine appraisal. APT is the only top-certified appraisers in the printing machinery industry. APT has decades of experience working in the printing industry to really know the best value of the machines we appraise. Times are changing for the printing industry. It’s time to do your printing machine appraisal right.

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