MAN Roland Printing Machinery For Sale

Although they were founded in 1871, MAN Roland's introduction to the printing world came in 1912 with their first sheetfed offset printing press. With production facilities in Germany, MAN Roland manufactures newspaper web offset presses, commercial presses, and sheetfed presses for commercial and packaging printing. Today, they employ around 7,000 people worldwide and are known mainly for their small, medium, and large format sheetfed offset printing machinery

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MAN Roland 700 Offset Printing Press

MAN Roland Presses For Sale at Advanced Print Technologies

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Frequently asked questions: 

How many models are there? 

About 16. 

What are some alternatives to the Man Roland brand? 

Heidelberg or KBA.

Where can I buy a MAN Roland press? 

To buy a new MAN Roland you have to work directly with the factory with 8-14 months of lead time. To buy a used one, you typically go through used equipment dealers. When you're buying a MAN Roland you need someone who has experience with the line as they are technically challenging, more so than other brands. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can have costly mistakes. Globally, APT is a top 5 retailer for Man Roland.

What makes MAN Roland a better brand? 

MAN Roland is a heavy duty, old school manufacturer that has done a great job with integrating new technology into their processes. They provide great field support and have well-trained technicians. MAN Roland produces very durable machines with a tendency to last; certain models have certain downfalls, but they tend to be an investment machine.

How do you evaluate the price of a MAN Roland machine? 

Certain models are problematic, which should be considered when evaluating value. The intermediately sized presses have specific weaknesses, anything in the Double Perfector series is particularly weak. MAN Roland does withdraw models when there are large issues, but they are known as one of the top 2 manufacturers when it comes to the extra large format (40-inch plus!) models, so there is great value there.

What kind of maintenance is required with a MAN Roland machine? 

The maintenance required for a MAN Roland machine is nothing extensive. They are more durable than Komor, less than Ryoki, and about equal to KBA and Heidelberg. 

What's the best machine? 

Their 700/900 series, which are their top of the line models.

What should you look for in the buying process? 

When you are buying a MAN Roland, you should keep an eye out for model-specific concerns. Work with a knowledgable reseller, and people who know the product and pitfalls associated with whatever model you're looking at.  

What to ask when buying a MAN Roland machine: 

Is the machine under a current maintenance contract?